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Business Credit Profile Setup


Below are the steps to establishing a Business credit profile.

​1. Form an entity (LLC)



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2. Get an EIN

Register for EIN

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3. Permanent physical address


Establish a permanent physical address (Regus address & mail package)

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4. Permanent phone number

 Ring Central

Establish a permanent phone number, toll-free number, and fax number. (Ring Central)

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5. List Business information in the 411 directory

411 Business Listing Directories

1. localiQ

2. ezlocal

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6. Establish a domain name and email address


Establish a domain name, have that domain hosted, get an email address to that domain and set up a website on the hosted domain. 

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7. Establish 5 vendor trade lines

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8. Business Credit Reporting Builder

Nav Credit Builder

Credit building resource 

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